I recently noticed I have trouble playing (mostly) open chords on an electric. The side of my hand mutes the 1st string on A, for example. Maybe I played too much acoustic for too long, but is this a common problem? And yes I know practice will fix it.
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I have no problem with open chords on either. It sounds like poor technique. I know this isn't the answer you want to read, but practicing with correct technique will correct the problem.
It's normal when you play on any different guitar not just from acoustic to electric. I can't play certain songs as well on my brother's guitar. It just depends on what guitar you practice most on.
You just need to get used to the distance between strings. More practice will help you.
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Electric's also require a lighter touch playing than aoustic's,that will distort the cord's sound also. I still have to watch my open D cord as tooo much pressure will totally throw it out of tune.