Hello people I have an audition coming up on guitar. I say on guitar because i am really a saxophonist at heart so i am a bit out of the guitar loop. I am literate in notes rhythms which is most of the audition but here's what i need help on

I need to know how to play the F G and E major scale in first positions. Two octaves (starting on the lowest octave of that note) i FIRST POSITION...i don't like screaming just the paper screams. A brief explanation of what first position means along with the tab would be VERY appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone.
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Make sure you play it backwards as well

Ok this is the scale of F maj, it has one flat, a B flat (b)

This is the scale of G maj, it has one sharp, F sharp (#)

This is the Emaj scale it has 4 sharps, F, G, C and D sharp (#)

Ok first position means the position in which you play on the fret board, decided by where your first finger is. You have a finger for each fret, so if you're playing in first position it means your first finger is going to be used to play the first fret, 2nd finger 2nd fret ect. For example, if you where told to play in 5th position you would put your first finger at the fifth fret(doesnt matter what string) and your 2nd finger would be used for the 6th, 3rd finger for the 7th and 4th finger for the 8th.
I hope this helps if you dont understand, sorry, but just ask me to explain again
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I am freaking out about auditions too, I have a good 5 auditions I have to do for college. My tip is learn all you can before the audition in order to do anything they ask.

Seriously, cram as much as you can.

Anyway, I am not too sure what they are asking you. What I think they are saying is playing the Ionian scale at the different roots given. Of course, they also may be asking to play the same scale from different notes on the fretboard (playing a mixolydian inside an ionian, for example) but that seems like a rather high bar to set.

What are you applying for?
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