I searched and couldn't seem to find any threads that talked about how to actually play this song.

I consider myself to be decently good, but it just seems so overwhelming watching the youtube video. I'm using the tab on ug, and I don't know maybe it's just since it's such a different style of playing, but I really could use some advice if anyone has any.
First, learn the bass and percussion part. Get it so that you can play that in your sleep. Then (without playing the bass or percussion) learn the melody until you also have that down cold. Slowly, and with precision, start putting them together. It really isn't that hard of a song, it just takes time until you are used to playing bass and melody at the same time.

Seperate the parts, and then after learning them, put them together. And remember to breathe and have fun with it while playing...concentrating to the point of not breathing is generally (though there are always exceptions) not a good thing :P
so the bass and percussion I have down pretty good, but I don't get how to play the right hand melody at all. its just sounding horrible when i'm doing it. how are you supposed to play the open strings after you tap one note? i'm trying to tap with my index finger and "pick" with my middle finger, is this right?
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