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Searched for "local scene" and nothing came up so thought I'd start a local scene thread.

What's the local music scene like in your area? Any good bands, clubs?

I was just wondering because I just got back from a local gig yesterday and it was actually pretty damn good.

I live near Seoul, South Korea, and I dunno if it's because everything's so concentrated in the capital but it's a really fun place (music-wise)to hang out on the weekends. The funny thing is that there's this certain part of Seoul that's like the host to all semi-underground culture, so all the artists, musicians (punk, ska, indie, rock, hip hop, house DJs) congregate there. It's pretty cool cause you can get all kinds of music without having to move around so much.

What about you?
I'm in Cleveland, you can drive in a random direction and find something half decent.

Mix of alt/indie rock, rap, and metal.

EDIT: Oh, and Jazz.
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A lot of metal bands that suck......

And a lot of great bluegrass musicians.
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Mine is REALLY small.

There are a few bands in my town, but they are just garage/small gig bands, none are famous.

Although, the town over from me has Loria Music, which is an music shop that is big in the NJ scene and has been around for a really long time. They have a bad budget though. The people who work there are awesome, and they know what they are talking about.
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The Eagles and Disco because the average age on my street HAS to be over 40....
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I'm the only old school metal head around. All the other kids that listen to metal are into that screamo sh.t. Not to mention I'm probably the only one who takes guitar seriously here.
About ten minutes fro me is the apparently famous "Muddy Water Tavern", and they have bluegrass/country bands come and play every so often.
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this. My band is the only one in our town. (Rock)

this thread has been done recently I think.
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hardcore everything is hardcore

it sucks

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At my high school we have a bunch of generic indie rock sounding bands one hard rock band and a melodic death metal band. We used to have a really good post-metal band I got their CD.
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Northern New Jersey's music scene can go fuck itself.

CENTRAL!!! go 10 min. to rutgers campus and it kicks ass.
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any subgenre of metal is all pretty much. decent revival of punk going on though. and a handfull of people around here are starting pop-punk ish bands again
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I live in Denver, it's all post-hardcore ****. Although, there are some pretty cool metal bands around.
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Lexington - Nothin but rap and the most bad ass O.G.'s around.

Seriously though the music scene sucks.
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there is a mixture of music types in my neighborhood. mostly scene kids and hip hop people, idk what to call them if i call them something wrong they'll bus' a cap. lol

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in terms of rock music; hardcore, emo, post-hardcore
plenty more out there but a good sum of my friends, about all of them, listen to the above. going to concerts alone isnt so fun
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The Boston scene pwns. ^^ Plymouth is a country-loving community though. D:
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I just moved here, but we live within walking distance of half of Sydney's independent music shops and a legendary music pub, so I'm guessing it's pretty good.
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Where I live the music scenes pretty small. But recently guitarists have been collaborateing with th local rappers, some good stuff.
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There's an amazing punk scene about 20 minutes away from me. The venues are generally basements or community centers which is much better than bars and clubs imo.

In my town all there is is a ****ty high school metalcore scene, but it's no big deal just to go a little further and get much better music.

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CENTRAL!!! go 10 min. to rutgers campus and it kicks ass.

So true, New Brunswick has an awesome punk scene, it really is great. Brooklyn which is about 30 minutes from NJ also has awesome punk and indie scenes. People in NJ really have no right to complain about music scenes.
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It isn't.
Here's my Youtube channel.
I play guitar and video games on it.
You're more than welcome to check it out.

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Now that I think about it, we have all kinds. Emo/screamo, ska, alternative, metal, hip hop, gangsta rap (norteno gang rap lol). But its all really really local. Nothing big.
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lots of bluegrass, and blues bands. and a couple punk bands
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In my neighborhood, there's a next door neighbor who plays guitar. I've overheard him from his garage at night, playing some tasty blues licks. Another next door neighbor plays the drums. Both are 40-somethings, married with kids though. But the drummer's in a band.
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we've got some good bands like casting shadows that have a lot of potential. i had spanish class with their drummer and he showed me some of their music. it kinda reminded me of zeppelin. other than them there's a few other bands, but i don't know anything about them. Black Stone Cherry is from our area. my friend and former bassist's mom has connections with them. I just recently realized how big they are. we saw them live at the convention center in Cave City

EDIT: there's also a few country bands (I AM in Kentucky after all)
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In my halls at uni, the only songs youl ever hear are:
sex on fire - kings of leon
that "meay ya hee, meay ya ho" **** rap song
and a **** load of rap.
and its usually on at like 3/4 a.m so i cant exactly get them back by playing stuff like immortal, megadeth etc through my amp
A bunch of pretty good bands that are small and not-famous.
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