Just wanted to get some opinions on the rough setlist that my band has put together for a birthday party we are playing soon. We expect it to be a sort of mixed crowd of different musical tastes and are mostly just trying to play what we want to play. We have guitar(me), bass, drums, and vocals (so four for those counting) and all have moderate skill levels. Any ideas are appreciated.

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New Born (Muse)
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Born of a Broken Man (RATM)
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well, you succeded in not pandering to the mixed crowd...
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Less metal. I know that it rawks to play metal, but chances are it's going to turn a lot of folks off. You won't want to hear this, but try some cheerful rocky/pop tunes that have been around recently.

sounds like a solid set however depending on the people there, they might not respond well to it. this is just my opinion but you might have to throw in a pop tune, because honestly metal is not the most popular genre among teens. just my opinion though.

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Honestly, most of those are not good party songs at ALL. I mean, if you're a party, do you think a good song to get everybody in a light and happy mood would be Walk by Pantera? No. No. Try to pick some more mainstream stuff....might be a pain to play, but it's a party and you gotta please the crowd. They're probably not there for your band anyways, no offense, its just the truth. Basically, have songs that give you a good solid rhythm that would be appropriate at a party scene.
If it's not one of the band members' birthday, playing what you want is an asshole move. Find out what the birthday person likes/wants to hear. You're not doing them a favour by playing, they're doing you a favour by letting you play. Also, how is that setlist catering to a mixed crowd? Because you put in A Muse song?
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any kind of 1 hit wonder will be good. either playing it the original way or turning it metal or something, people always seem to like 1 hit wonder covers

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how about a little GnR, or Zeppelin, something people recognize? Maybe some oasis, radiohead, social d...
and everyone with a soul likes the beatles, of course.
idk, throw in a famous blink 182 song maybe??? and i'm sorry to say, but My chemical Romance? red hot chili peppers would be a good idea too...
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sounds really good, but most people probably are going to like lighter stuff, but i would still play it, try to introduce people to more metal.

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u should play "the new birthday song" by NOFX


the crowd will love it if they've got a sense of humor, trust me
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u should play "the new birthday song" by NOFX

Awesome song.

Also, as the closer, play Dethklok's birthday song.


^Make sure you say its a shoutout to the person's who's birthday it is.
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Everything they've said is true, but maybe you wouldn't have to get rid of the whole set, just learn 3 or 4 piss easy Green Day tunes or something and add them in there somewhere and open with New Born (opening with a heavy track probably won't be a good idea).
im guessing our in high school or college, so just play some recognizable songs, blink 182, NOFX, Greenday,system of a down, ac/dc,skynyrd, sum41, aerosmith, then mabe do a metal song or two.

and unless this party is for a bunch of metal heads, that setlist you have will not work.
if you have a talk box do sweet emotion by aerosmith and then play happy birthday on guitar and use the talk box

also depends on the age of the people there you should try to play the birthday song from aqua teen hunger force, you know the one
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If you are gonna do an metal song, do happy metal songs a.k.a. Sonata Arctica songs. Their songs are great for parties.
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How will you do New Born without a piano?
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"Birthday" by the Beatles may be a good choice.

Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, Against Me! and similars will do just fine I think.

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Play a rock/almost metal version of the main Star Wars theme.

Sounds odd, but tons of people know it, and they'll probably get into it.
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