I figured since my question involves an Acoustic, I'd come here. But if need be, I'll move it.

I'm thinking about doing Drifting by Andy McKee for my school's talent show. It's probably not for awhile anyway, so I thought I'd ask now. I'm wondering how well this might go over with the crowd. What are your guys's thoughts?

Thanks UG.

EDIT: If I do go through with Drifting, do you think I'll be ok mic'd up only or do you think I need to be plugged in to get all of the percussive effects of the song?
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It will go over well if you are mic'd properly. If they can't hear all the different parts of your performance then an instrumental may not go over well. Definitely get the sound checked and make sure all the different taps and sounds (as well as the actual notes) can be heard clearly all the way through the performance area.