Hey all,

I was playing Ramble On, and in the chorus there is a d chord that you slide up two frets. The problem is that when I play this d chord in the regular playing position, with using your first three fingers, it is a lot harder to transition to from the last chord, and it is a lot harder to slide with.

However when I change to barring the second fret and just placing my middle finger on the third fret of the b string, it makes it all a lot easier to do.

Now I know that if I can get it to sound right, and I can play it every time easily, then I see no problem in using this method. I just want to know if this is bad practice or if others also use this same method.
both approaches to the D chord are acceptable. I know that i play the D chord by using my index to bar the first 3 strings and my middle taking care of the 3rd fret 2nd string when playing the intro to the sond 'Island In The Sun' by Weezer. Its just easier to finger it this way.

so yeah, if it makes it easier for you to play and the notes ring out clearly then nothing should stop you from playing it the way you choose.