The song is 1229, in my profile. Tell me what you think, and I'll get at you on your stuff.

really just wow

for what it is, it does not get any better

really there's not much for me to crit

tons of instrumentation, good rhythms and beats, didn't get redundant, and was kept to a nice good time

quality job
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Running thoughts:
:02 nice tone
:21 I like this riff. harmonies are working nicely
:32 nice transition. beat is working for me and the while the bass is subdued, it works wonderfully.
1:04 again, good transition. the solo guitar in quite nice.
1:33 i dig the gong/huge cymbal that goes off.
1:58 great beat here. this piece is flowing great.
2:26 the arpp. guitar part moves the piece along nicely. I like how this flows all the way to the end and then ends the piece with everything else dropping out.

Tones are great. The recording quality is decent from what my ipod headphones are saying (lol). The transitions between riffs and the whole flow of the song is easy to follow. All the instruments fit together and had correct reverb to make them all sound like they were inthe same area (this really bugs me when they don't). Great piece overall. I liked it.

Hey man! Crit for crit?

This is one amazing piece of work. I'll start off with the only negative thing I have to say: on some parts, the guitar and drums seem out of sync, but only VERY SLIGHTLY. You could even say it adds to the character of the song...

Now for the positive comments: your tone was astounding, the stereo sound is perfectly spaced, and the piece itself was wonderfully built up... The transitions are smooth and flawless, it almost has a slight progressive feel, I like it!

Overall, this is very enjoyable music, and if you'd make more like this, I'd be listening to it all day... Good work, man!

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I love it. Theres such a good groove to it. The harmonys are amzing, they fit perfectly with all the other sounds. And I love all the tone changes, they reside well with one another. And once again I just love the groove it gives off
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I'm not crazy about the intro, IMO it doesn't fit with the rest of the track. I really digg when the beat at :35 comes in, that's awesome. Everything after the intro fits together really well! Great groove, all the instruments compliment each other really well and have sweet melodies. This track reminds me of the artist Bluetech a bit. Very cool stuff. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the crit on my thread by the way.
1229 has a really great tone and it seems so pro, but you did the drums with a machine, didn't you. That's the only downside to that whole song, the digital tone the drums have. But the rhythm really grooves and the tone of the guitar is really solid. It's a really great song. I really love what's going on when the gong comes in, the atmosphere the music creates is really relaxing and chill, brings out the other parts of the song more because of the contrast, I thought it was really cool.

Sorry about the late comment, I had 2 exam to write today so I was steering clear of UG as to not get distracted.

Solid recording overall, keep at it, what'd you use to get the gong and other different percussions going on? TR-707?
God, man, the tone at the beginning was killer. It's a really fully developed piece-- I liked your transitions and your movement into the second half, which was totally different feeling. At first I hated your drums, but it seemed to slowly fit into place as the song progressed. Reflecting on it, I wouldn't even suggest putting real drums in. I think the digital stuff worked really well for what you were doing.

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