okay, i ran across this yesterday when i went to the urination facility (known as the bathroom for most people) late at night to pee! i tried it again today and it works and it is weird.

what you need to do is GET YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON THE DARK (take a dump in the bathroom with the light off, it will be faster in this experiment), have a room with a mirror and a light switch the turns on and off fast.

1. go into your room with a mirror.
2. make sure there is no light in the room

once you have done that put your hand on the light switch and LOOK (dont stare) into the mirror and turn the light switch on and off really fast. if your eyes are focused to the dark enough, your body and surroundings will turn purple then dark (if they didnt do that then focus on the dark more).


after about 2 seconds of you turning purple you will see a picture of yourself in front of the mirror and then it will fade to darkness.

do a stupid pose to prove this works.

to make it more freaky do it and after you turn purple turn around or move and it will look as if you are still in front of the mirror.

with love, slatera
I think its more the drugs than the mirror
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Rice Krispy Treats are friggin' delicious.

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this happens to me on accident occasionaly
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Rice Krispy Treats are friggin' delicious.

The caramel ones with little chocolate chunks in it are better.
This sounds like that "Stare-at-the-dot-for-thirty-goddamn-seconds-and-look-away-and-start-blinking-and-you-see-a-picture-of-Jesus-and-that-somehow-is-supposed-to-scare-you-into-believing-something" trick.

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That seems like something that would freak me out.
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It's like that book with the red fox that turns green! =D

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Sweet lord.

goddamn thats one spicey meatball...

... not the best metaphor to use.

thats one tastey cereal bowl
*enters thread*

I heard you guys had rice krispies treats.
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Sweet lord.

Such wonders exist????
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the thread jacking ritual. how great it is....

hey...i got a stroy for u guys.....

i was driving down the road one day, right? a long, dark, desolate road. i was the only one on that road for miles. or so i thought. i've got the radio cranked up loud, and the only thing i have my eyes focused on is the headlights shinning down on the road ahead of me. then....it happened. out of the corner of my eye, i seen a little box turtle slowly creeping onto the shoulder of the road, just over the white line. but it was too late. i ran it over. and...it made such a sound...a sound that i will never forget. do you guys know what that sound was?.......

it sounded like this.....




that wasnt funny.
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Rice Krispy Treats are friggin' delicious.

I second this motion.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw