how do i do it? right now i have reaper and hydrogen drum machine. can i record drums with the keys that i have?
Yes, you can, but it would probably be a much better idea to program them instead.
i have a Casio CTK-720. what does it mean to program them?
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he means program them through midi notes in a piano roll.
not playing them live. No need for a keyboard this way, just use the mouse.

I vote for doing them live with a keyboard then going back and adding stuff in if needed. This will make it not exactly perfect and more likely to sound like a real drummer, you will hit a grove. This is all assuming you can keep time and actually play well.

how do i record my own drum pattern using my casio CTK-720 keyboard through reaper?
Does the keyboard have a USB out or a midi out?
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You know how you can do it on garage band using your actual keyboard for your computer. How do i do it with the keys that i have. I have it plugged in through a usb chord. im pretty sure reaper has midi i just can find out how to get it set up to do it.
maybe ill have to buy some better recording software because i remember being able to do it in pro-tools? could i do it in reaper or hydrogen?
I'm sure the help file has a tutorial on how to set up your midi and USB music devices in whatever software you are using. So I would start looking there.