I am going to go ahead and put a FT ad for my Peavey. I recently acquired this guitar and I like it. The reason I'm putting it up is to see what is offered and if I may like what someone has, and that I really would rather have an older Ibanez with a maple board, even if it's pretty beat up. I really prefer maple to rosewood. So shoot the offers my way if you have any!


The trem is a Peavey licensed Floyd Rose. I've called Peavey about it and they said call any Monday and their guitar tech Steve should know more about it. I've yet to call though.
All I can find about the pickups are on Peavey's site:
One Coil Tapped Alnico Distortion Class Pickup
Two High-Output HRS Single Coil Pickups
and the neck measures to around 19mm at the nut and 25-26mm at the 12th fret. I had to measure it myself since I can't find any spec sheets.

It does not have a trem bar and it needs one pressure pad on the locking nut.
If you want to know more just ask. If you're worried about me ripping you off, I have quite a bit of feedback on that auction site and I can pm you a link to my name.
No one's interested? This guitar was handcrafted in the USA and plays great. I'm not only interested in Ibanez guitars either. Anything with 24 frets and an unfinished neck. I'd love a maple fretboard but it's not a necessity. Don't be shy!
prob not but im just putting it out there peavey raptor plus an a boss ds-1 disdtortion pedel and if not my friend has a ibanez ill see if he wants to sell
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Ill trade you my ESP LTD M100FM for it
Ive got pics if you want