But, I don't know if I am good enough to join,
How complicated is Jazz guitar
My friend who has been playing a while says it is simple but I don't know if he is right because he has been playing for so long. He says that soloing is optional so that is out.
What do you think?
well, the chords are easy as long as you can manipulate simple bar chords. my friend is in the jazz band and he says its almost boring sometimes, but hes been playing 2 years. if you've only been playing for 2-3 months then i would wait, but if youve been playing at least a year, go for it.
dont do it. you are too inexperienced.
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I doubt you're experienced enough. I've been playing for 8 months now and I wouldn't even think about joining band, maybe in a year from now.
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Thanks for the comment guys.
I was just wondering because I wanted some more credits, hehe.
Oh well there is always Sophomore year.