So i have this really aggravating problem with using guitar picks.

Basically ever since i started playing guitar I've found it really awkward to use picks.
So i used my fingers instead and have learned most of my playing using them.

I'll give an example.

The song snow by RHCP, i can play that with my fingers in tempo easy as hell, no thought at all to it. But if i try to use a pick and play it I cant do it.

I mean i cannot do it, im constantly hitting the wrong strings or hitting under strings and no matter how much i practice at pick accuracy it never helps.

I can try to learn a song with a pick and it drives me crazy how hard it is to do, then i throw the pick on the floor and use my fingers and its 50x times easier, which in itself makes it really hard to practice at it when it makes even songs I've known for years not playable.

I've gone all over youtube and whatnot looking at how you're supposed to angle the pick and not supposed to anchor your hand anywhere, but it still seems to me theres just something im not doing right. Like alot of times my index finger will hit strings before my pick will.

Most people i know play with picks and they cant play anything with their fingers, and yet here i am the exact opposite unable to play anything remotely consistent with a pick.

So, if any of you experts out there have some advice or whatever I'd really appreciate it.
well, i am part of the people you mentioned that can't play with their fingers.

from my point of view, there's no problem about not being able to play with a pick. you can play a classic guitar, or acoustic very well with your fingers AND electric guitar aswell. i don't think fingering will hold you down, keep you away from improving, cause i've seen i guy i know that shreds with his fingers.

so, if i were you, i would just play with my fingers and forget about the pick.

that, of course if you have not a good reason to try to learn playing with a pick
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Some songs are better to play with fingers if you can do it. If you can play Hey Oh with your fingers then you're pretty talented. Keep doing what works for you.
also hybrid picking is good to get into...its where u hold the pick between ur thumb and pointer and use ur other fingers to finger pick....not needed but an efficient way to pick.... a good song to practise this too atleast for me was fade to black-metallica the acoustic part
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well using your fingers isnt bad i think its actually pretty cool considering i suck at it. referring to the part where you say "Like alot of times my index finger will hit strings before my pick will" id say youre holding the pick wrong, when i hold a pick, the end of my index finger is parallel with the strings. well i dont know if this is a good way to explain but... make a fishing hook shape with your index finger, then cover the end of your index finger with your thumb and thats how i hold it. but if youre doing everything right then maybe you should just stick with your fingers because you seem very good with that
I had the same problem when I started playing guitar. I convinced myself that being great at finger picking would allow me to by pass ever using a pick. Nowadays the little piece of plastic is glued to my digits the second I start to think about playing a guitar.

After recording my first demo and listening to the blunt sound of distorted finger picking, it dawned on me that if I was ever going to get the clear bright sound I wanted I'd need to adapt to using a pic.

My only advice is not to give up on it. It's going to be hard, but that's how 90% of us grow as guitarist, by challenging ourselves and picking up sometimes gruelingly difficult techniques.

I personally hold picks on the side of my index finger with the pick pointing in the direction the index finger is pointing. However, I've seen a ton of guitarists hold the pick in unique and what appears to me, to be an uncomfortable position. To each his own I suppose. Just find the most comfortable position, that allows for the most control on your part.

Also, you might want to try thinner picks to slowly warm you're way into the feel of the pic. I remember bending a piece of paper in half and strumming away. After awhile it just begins to feel natural.

Finger picking is an art form of its own and you should never give it up, especially if it comes naturally, but you'd be amazed at the wonders that retched piece of plastic will do for you're overall tone and speed, once you get the hang of it.

Anyways, hope this helps and good luck mate.
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