Amp: Peavey Windsor Studio

Problem: While playing volume faded out, now the amp won't even make any hissing noise.

Sound like a power tube failure?
hmm, how old are the valves?
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theres a lot of places along the signal chain that could fail. if i were you id get new power tubes and throw them in (dont forget to bias) and see if that solves it. if it does great and if not check out other likely components or have a pro do it(recommended) and at least youll have your next set of tubes in advance. its not a bad idea to have one or two sets on hand anyway if you want to or have to be able to depend on your amp being up and running.
PS DO NOT go in there mcgyver style and start wiggling stuff around to see if it works if you dont know EXACTLY what youre doing. tube amps have circuts in them with higher voltage than even house current of 110-120 volts and even that can be deadly if you go poking it around.
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