If i were to aquire one of these with those Schaller tremolos that everyone is so hard for, and lets say i put new Lace pickups in it, refret/reradius and gave one a gooooood setup, how much could i sell it for?

its relic'd... but not wrecked, the finish is very faded and it has some checks, its from 1987.

just wondering how much i could get for it in that used of a condition.

I bought mine for $350 used with hard case. It's in really good shape though (and the Schaller trem does rule), and I think it's worth quite a bit more than what I paid.

From your description I think you can get around $400, maybe more. I hear jap strats from the 80s are going up in value.
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the neck will have professionally scalloped frets 12-22 with new jumbo frets by the time i'm done with it, and probably new fender 70s/80s pickups from allparts, or lace sensors...

what about adding that into the equation?
Hmmm, interesting, a fret/scallop job and new pickups would add at least $150 to its value imo. With that much work I'm surprised you're not going to keep it for yourself, that would be one hell of a guitar.
Between the velvet lies, there's a truth as hard as steel.
The vision never dies, life's a neverending wheel.
well, i hand-make all of my own guitars, and i wouldn't look too awesome playing a fender if i own a custom shop haha.

i just LOVE restoring instruments, a guitar was built to be played damnit, not sit in someones closet and be ripped apart for profits.

it would make me more than happy to make this into an amazing instrument and sell it for 400-500 dollars, i wouldn't make much profit, but it would be worth it in my eyes to give it a new lease on life.
I hear ya, sounds good man, I really like my jap strat and I'm sure once you put yours up people will be all over it. I'd set the price at 500 at first and see what offers you get.

Good luck!

Between the velvet lies, there's a truth as hard as steel.
The vision never dies, life's a neverending wheel.
here is what i am thinking.

its 200 bucks at most for a good guitar body and neck and bridge and tuners.

if i made it one badass guitar, id probably put 120-150 into it, so my max cost is about 350.

i could easily sell it for 500, regardless of what brand it is. being that its a fender mij original can only make the price go up.
So let me get this straight. You're going to buy a guitar that is no longer made and somewhat sought after by a community of people that love them, then you're going to change it with modifications which you think will raise the value of the guitar only to make a marginal profit? Good luck, oh and most guitars go for higher if they are a. all original and b. in great condition, not if they are modified like scalloping a fretboard Yngwie. Don't be surprised if someone b*tches you out for messing around with a guitar like that only for profit. Its called flipping and you'll be hated for it by the vintage community.
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You learn how to read. I said guitars that contain all original parts and are in good condition (which you stated yours isn't) go for more. I never said yours is like that and further more you're still flipping to make a profit. Scalloping a fretboard will limit your customer base and not everyone is fond of Lace Sensor pickups. Best defense is offense huh
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
would i have more luck if i replaced it with fender pickups? i can really get anything i want for 50% off as far as allparts pickups goes. MIJ necks in cruddy condition are going for as low as 180, so i dont see myself losing money by any means on this endeavor.. and as far scalloping goes, it only makes the price go up, people pay stupid prices for scalloped necks, my buddy mike (lumberjack) basically hotrodded a squier with it and got 500 or so for it. plus ebay necks with scalloped frets are outrageously expensive, and still selling.
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Anyway, over here in NZ they go for about 800NZD, but if you're selling it to the right person then you should be able to get around 1.1 here maybe?
(NZD sucks compared to the USD now btw, but guitar prices are still lagging behind :S)
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