Free write. bout a girl.

was it always right?
was it meant to be?
it's hard to see
since you've placed your head
where your heart should be
you'll never tell
and only hold on to yourself

things won't unfold a certain way
won't always form a certain shape
this time is only what you make

to think its wrong to feel so right
to feel you by my side at night
then let it go
and leave you standing at your door
well that was low, and this is now
wonder how i force a smile?
i think of you
every where i go
and everything that i do
i think of you
i think of you
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Very interesting, well written, how muc time did it take to write this. Its good, Very sad, and happy i felt both but i couldn't tell which it was supposed to convey, a happy feeling or a sad feeling, crit mine. its on the page, for the forum.