I want the change the paint of my Highway One from a Sapphire Blue to Olympic White. I don't have any painting experience, and I really don't want to mess up the instrument! I was thinking that after sanding the paint down to its bare wooden body that I could bring it to an auto shop for them to spray (instead of the local custom shop that might charge way more). The body is pretty beat up in spots, and I'm not sure how to fill in the various dents and deep scratches around the edges either. Soo, I have these questions!

Is it even a good idea to bring the bare body to an auto shop for painting?
If so, do I need to specify a certain type of paint? (I've heard nitrocellulose paint is the best for the guitar's tone, and poly is as good if not better if done correctly. I'm not sure what kind of paint is used for cars =/)
Would normal wood filler be safe for the body and be suitable for painting over?

Could someone please lend me some kind advice? Or would I just be better off buying an entirely new body?
Assuming that you don't have some kind of connection there, then I doubt they'll even do it. Painting wood is very different from painting metal, plus those shops make their money by doing only a few big jobs, they're not into the quick small, cheap jobs.It might turn out way more expensive even if they will do it. Getting a quality paint job for a car can run in excess of $2,000 US.
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I dunno if they will do it or whether it's cost effective or not, but the paint is very good paint, and if you are set up to spray it, it's easier to achieve a good paintjob than it is with a spray can. And the paint has no effect on the tone of a solidbody guitar.
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