I can get myself a fender 1985 MIJ strat, with the system 1 tremolo right now for 150 dollars + shipping. heres the catch :

no pickups, no electronics, no trem bar, no fine tuners, no locking nut, and the body is very naturally relic'd

its from an original 1985 owner. i would love to refret it with jumbos, scallop the lower frets, put some new fender pickups in it, replace the tremolo parts (will cost about 40 dollars through wammiworld).

how much could i sell it for after all this if it plays wonderfully, remember the body is relic'd
If you mean a Fender HM strat then they can sell for quite a bit when finished. Around $1000 AUD or 700-800 USD is what they would usually go for.
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I don't think you'll make any at all if you rebuilt it and sold it.

Buy it if "you" want it, then get it.

Also original parts are key, you would be putting aftermarket parts on it.
the way i look at it...
its 150 bucks for a guitar body and neck, good caliber. if i made it one pimpin guitar and didnt tell anyone it was a fender, i could get 500-600 for it for sure, if i tell them its a very rare fender mij from the 80's, the price can only rise...
LP its your money! Right? Your right that, that is cheap for the combo but is the seller telling the truth? It is Ebay after all.
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