If you are brand new... I am old and decayed.
Always polar opposites.
I wish you wouldnt pretend that you knew,
it's tiring when you play these games- the thought,
its old.
Be something new. Not yourself, not someone else,
be something you've done before,
because you can't do anything,
that wasn't done before.
I wish you would stop repeating yourself,
and take my commands:
one, two, three.
Just listen already.
This is for every time, you thought you saw a shooting star,
and wasted a wish that will never come true,
this is for being something that you never knew.
"because you can't do anything,
that wasn't done before."

Double negatives can be terribly hard to get your head around, or maybe it's just because I am tired, however, I would recommend altering that somehow.