Poll: What should i do with my Vox AD30VT
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Sell it for money to get upgrades for my acoustic
4 40%
Keep it and save up for a passable electric
6 60%
Voters: 10.
Ok guys...so i am selling my one and only electric guitar - my Ibanez S470

Why? Because 1) I don't play metal anymore
2) I have no use for a tremolo anymore
3)I need to fund for a new acoustic

But most of all, its because i don't even play it. I have close to no interest in playing electric, but i MIGHT one day.

And so, i am now wondering what to do with my Vox AD30VT. If i sell it, i would use the money to buy a FMI saddle and probably pins for my soon-to-come acoustic.

But then again, i might one day want an electric for maybe some recording purposes...maybe some effects and stuff, and i might end up getting another Vox AD30VT. And this will be a comeplete waste of money. But then again,the day that day will come, i don't know.

So, my choices are,

sell the Vox and get upgrades for my soon-to-come acoustic,


keep the vox and save up for a passable electric...

what would you guys choose?
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Sell it. If acoustic is what you're into. I don't see having a use for an amp you might or might not use.
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