for all you guys out there who know and understand thoery, where did you learn it? did you take lessons and learn from a teacher or are you self taught? i'm serious about learning theory and i'm curious to know how you guys learned it yourself.
If you are really interested in it you'll certainly learn it. I taught myself. Especially by writing things down over and over again. At a certain point all pieces of the puzzle seem to fit together. It took me about half a year though
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A goo dteacher is great, also onlione lessons like the ones here on UG, and some good books, I think Alfred have a few specifially for gitar as well, good luck!
hm, i'm serious about music too.
i'm a music major in college and there's an entire course devoted to only theory.
no playing at all; just reading, writing, studying, and understanding how music works.
that's the best way to learn it, imo.
I'm quite lucky in a sense because we get free music theory lessons at my college (if you take music that is), and I've learnt plenty from those lessons, as well as just my regular music lessons, but I think what really helped me was the books that we used. Just a grade by grade workbook. They were fairly expensive, but really useful in the learning process, so I say get yourself a good theory book, and if that doesn't work, then a teacher.
I taught myself a lot, and my old man taught me a lot. But teachers bring it from another perspective and somethings are taught more easily by one than another. I suggest you look online, and magazine, talk to anyone you can, ask here, and if you have a guitar teacher, ask them, or get a guitar teacher.

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Two sources:

1) The Complete Guitarist - Richard Chapman.
2) A little website we know and love as UG.
books from the library

I don't know much about libraries and which books they choose, but my library has like 100's of books on music (theory) in all different styles and genre's. From Jazz to classical to fusion to rock and even flamenco.

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I learned some from a class in college, and learned the rest from this site:


Beware, at first it will seem to have nothing to do with guitar. But that actually works to your advantage so you can adapt it to the styles you like to play and your own style of songwriting.
If you really want to get into it, I'd suggest getting a teacher. Trying to teach yourself music theory is like trying to teach yourself calculus. I mean, sure its possible, but its really hard and to be honest... who wants to expend all the effort when you can get clearer and more thorough information from someone who really knows what they are talking about.
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I was lucky to always be surrounded by superior musicians, i was taught the basics from random people i jammed with.. I learned alot on my own aswell, with library books
I'm learning it in high school, but my teacher isn't that great, so I get help from my musician friends. If you have a good teacher, it's easier to understand. Online sites like musictheory.net (not an advertisement) and some UG lessons also helped me out a lot.