Hello all, and I am back with my new contribution, which is a (high)ly experimental piece (wink, wink). Actually this piece isn't really what I would call music, what I decided to do, what take a bunch of sounds that I though represented my interpretation of what insanity would feel or be like. In the piece there are four different stages, for four different levels of insanity. The piece is written in 4/4 but doesn't sound like it, do to constantly building up layers of poly rhythms, going up to 6 layers at once, that's a lot of poly rhythms. The first 3 parts are based upon an AminMaj7 chord, and includes some type of dissonance, or at least in the middle 2 sections. The last section of the piece focus around a whole tone scale, and each instrument plays it in its own way, with its own number of notes in a pattern, all playing 16th notes, if the pattern doesn't loop evenly it gets cut off and starts over. The percussion in the entire song isn't meant to be thought of as a single instrument, instead it's supposed to have the listener focus on the repetitive rhythm of each percussion instrument, without further ado, and if nobody has caught on that I'm blazed and wrote this song blazed, here is the link, its called Sounds Of Insanity, and was written in Guitar Pro.

To Get The Effect Of The Song
- Follow as all or as many as possible
1. Be really really stoned
2. Listen to it with headphones at a sufficient volume as to block out all outside noises
3. Listen to it in absolute silence and close your eyes and associate thoughts or images.
4. Listen to it a few times in a row

As always I do C4C