Im pretty new to guitars, started last summer, bust my wrist, so really had 4 months on, 2 1/2 months off, and just starting again, so pretty rubbish really.

For christmas, my lovely wife bought me a dunlop crybaby(slash version).

Just got my cast off, so had a play with it, great , loads of new noises, BUT?

If I plug into my amp and play a chord or two, its has maybe 20 seconds sustain.
If I plug thru the pedal it sustains for ages, and ages, and ages.
How? Why?

Im not understanding why a pedal can increase the sustain this way.

Gimme a clue.
20 seconds sustain is insane. It's really tricky to answer your question because I don't see the problem if your getting that much sustain. I don't understand how the wah pedal would increase sustain at all and yet you think it increases it by alot
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The slash wah has a distortion circuit in it too - that'll increase your sustain.
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20 seconds was a guesstimate, but with the pedal in, its waaaaaay longer.

How does the distortion circuit in the pedal make it sustain for longer? Cant get my head around that one. Guess Im gonna have to learn how it works eh!
It's probably because it's Slash's model. They probably built it to do that because that's his signature style. Still, 20 seconds of sustain is crazy. I don't know how you're getting that much but it's more than you need.
20 second sustain? That's glorious.
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