i have been searching high and low for a vst plugin that will give me the right distortion for heavy metal. does anyone have any know of any good plugins that i might have missed? i have tried amplitube metal and im not a big fan of it.
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I'm sure there are some out there which sound ok, but I don't think you're ever going to be happy with the results - distortion is so much more than an effect, it's part of your sound and you need to work with it whilst playing. Just because you can't physically disconnect a violin's fingerboard and body, doesn't make it any more an instrument than a guitar and an amp.
Amplitube Metal isn't very good, i've used it. I use Amplitube 2, I just boost the gain with a distortion pedal like you would do normally and it sounds pretty good, better than anything I can get in Revalver.
Revalver is the best-sounding by a mile - the 5150, Dual Rec and XXX models should be all you need. I've got some superb results with it, though the key to success is to get the speaker sound right - I sometimes use a separate convolution reverb with a library of guitar cab impluses.