I wanna go busking around for a bit of fun and thought It would be alot better on electric.

So, I have an old MG10CD at my disposal.

Is ther a way I can hook up some kind of battery to this, A friend of mine managed to do it.

Im willing to spend a little bit of money on it, not alot tho.

Is it possible? Can someone tell me how to do it, cheers
I see a lot of people with mini generators...dunno how much they cost tho :P
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Is it legal to busk with an electric?

I think people favour a nice acoustic sound rather than piles of distortion... not everyone's into that kind of thing. It could even be seen as a disturbance.

That being said, I think electric blues would be okay - I was once in Cardiff city centre, and I saw this awesome old dude with long hair and a Strat blasting out some blues
get a real mini marshall. Marshall has about 4 mini SS i think. They will be easier to make able to be used with a battery, Plus there only like $40
I would imagine all you have to do is take out the transformer and replace it with a battery of a similar voltage. I could be wrong though
On the back it says

output: 10w RMS into 8ohm,

Mains input 230V ~ 50hz
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