Hi everybody! I have been given a voucher for WH Smith. Now I had a look yesterday and these were the only books that caught my attention. Their book range is nowehere near as broad as Borders or Waterstones so I wasn't exactly spoiled for choice but the ones I have listed below I know are held in high acclaim.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Trial by Franz Kafka (seen the film)
Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger (aparantly similar to a lot of John Fante's book...my fave author)
Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
Travels with Charley by John Steinback

My favourite authors are John Fante, Hunter S Thompson, Hemmingway, Keroauc, Charles Bukowski, Irvine Welsh, Raymond Carver. Basically mainly 20th century American literature, so if any of you have read any of these books on my list it would be great if you gave your opinion on it.

Steinbeck is such a great read, although I've heard good things about Catcher In The Rye.

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Hunter S. Thompson FTW. but i hear catcher in the rye is good, haven't read it though, i did read the great gatsby and it was boring to me.
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Hunter S. Thompson FTW.

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I'm reading Rant by Chuck P, and I gotta say, CP is a masterful writer, I love his style and his ideas and plots are usually pretty good too. Every's busy orgasming over Fight Club like a bunch of pricks but his other stuff is totally underrated. Survivor should be a good choice.

Travels with Charley is a great book. JS has a really concise style without any gratuitous description or fluffy adjectives which makes his stuff easy to read, but not without content. I also recommend this.
Survivor, one of my all time favourite books.


HakEdit: Also I think its chuck's best book, better than fightclub.
Survivor man, i mean they're all great books, but i would definitely go for Chuck P.
This is all just personal opinion of course
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Survivor man, i mean they're all great books, but i would definitely go for Chuck P.
This is all just personal opinion of course

I have seen Fight Club. Loved the film, but I quickly skimmed over a few pages on the book and it didn't evoke much in me, but as I said it was only a skim read.

I think Catcher in the Rye is my no.1 choice so far. Apparantly Bukowski liked it a lot and generally what Buk liked I seem to enjoy.
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Read Catcher In The Rye..
Only one in the class who liked the protagonist..
Wait a minute..
Do all the books have an anti-hero as a protagonist?
I recommend Survivor cause I liked it... alot
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