All sound good to me. I like the tone on killing in the name!
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Sound good... But you could do with learning the fast HO-PO bit at the end of stairway, and also, use a little more vibrato on the killing in the name vid

Other than that they're great! audio quality is good, a better camera would be v.helpful tho.
It's not so much that I can't do the end part, it's just the backing track I was using included it as part of the lead for some reason, I guess to give you time to switch back to the rhythm outro. I recorded it with the end bit, but got drowned out by the backing track so I just dumped it. That webcam is a few years old and I don't think it cost more than $20, I should probably look into a new decent one, are there ones that record like 1024x768 res around these days that aren't all blurry like mine?