Hi there,
Just got a Fender Champ 600 reissue, and it seems much louder than it has a reputation for, easily as loud as a drum kit, from about 3/4 up.
I live in the UK so is there any chance the different voltage over here might make a difference volume wise? Either that or i just have really weird hearing.
No help needed as such, just if anyone had an explantation?
Nah, thats just what happens with tube amps. If it was to do with voltage, you'd blow the transformer in the amp, or the tubes at the very least.
well i looked it up, and the UK voltage is 230-240v, this is more or less standard for the US, UK, and Australia, so it shouldnt be any louder.

Unless however people have messed with the insides of the amp, thats the only explanation i can really think of for the amp being louder then it is meant to be. Being a reissue they may have tinkered with the mechanics inside the amp.

I dont know if this is of much help, but if you want to check things for yourself for the sound, amps x voltage should get you the approx wattage of the amp, if you have that info.

If you dont it should tell you somewhere near the power in, or the power unit.
no we dont, we get 240/230 depending on where you live, WA has 240 +/- 5% but its changing to constant 230 and depending on your state you either have that or straight 230 (eastern states tend to have the 230 cause thats what WA is aligning with to be uniform across the country)
United states is 120v. Not 240 like other countrys.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
the answer is no. and if you want to know why, ill tell you. the power running into the amp goes through a power transformer. the whole point of this transformer is the convert the wall voltage into the correct voltage for your amp. so amps made for america and amps made for the UK pretty much only differ in the size of the power transformer. some higher end amps have a switch so you can go between 120 and 240, so you dont have to change amps every time you change countries.
Internally it runs the same voltages in UK, US and AUS. The transformer just makes the wall voltage into what it needs internally. If you used a US amp in AUS or UK it would fry the transformer.