go play it if it's local. if you like it buy it.
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Don't stop being you <3

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I think after this relentless adding for the last 10 mins, that Dan is the coolest looking. Goddamn welsh people and my great etc etc etc etc etc granddad is welsh.
Just Buy it! I'm good right! I gave you your long awaited Reply, hahahaha...
vantage active jazz eh ? id say try it first because ive never heard of that brand =p
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Vantage are one of those knockoff companies. It's definitely an entry level bass by all definitions. Some of their 1980s models had extremely dodgey electronics btw.

And Jason? Go spam somewhere else. Warned.
Thanks anarkee. I thought I was going for a steal for a moment I heard 'Active Jazz'. I guess I'll just save for a MIM Fender!
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Man, you even got the melody right. +1000000 points.

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^thats a brilliant call. *jots in notebook*