My band, Oblivion Rising, has had a falling out with our drummer. The band is falling apart in general. Since I am the creative source and primary songwriter (with an album already currently written), I'm attempting to just change the name and pick up where we left off, but with new members. I play lead guitar, so I'm looking for a drummer, bassist, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist (any combination of bassist or guitarist/vocalist preferred). My influences are those of European descent. In Flames and Children of Bodom are my two most prominent. I'm looking for members in The Bear, Newark, or Middletown area, and i have the practice space at my house. I'm looking for anyone to audition between the ages of 16 to 21. If you want to hear the sound I'm after, check out the rough recordings of a few of our songs on our myspace. You can reach me by my email address, and my myspace (Evan on the bands myspace).


Pass the message along to anyone you know that may be interested.
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