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First off I'll just quickly tell you about my 'guitar background.' I've been playing guitar for roughly 6 years and had the same beginner pack (guitar + amp) for pretty much the entire time however I now own a Ibanez Prestige RG1570 http://www.ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RG1570 and the time has come for me to get a proper amp that will actually do what I want. However, although I've been learning a lot of guitar playing skills etc. my guitar terminology is absolutely terrible I know absolutely crap all about the 'hardware' sort of side to guitar, so when explaining what sort of equipment is good please don't use any big technical terminology, it would be best if you could explain what sort of sound it will give.

Anyways, I REEEAAALLLLYYY love Muse, however I'm not an idiot and I know that it costs a crap load to sound like Matt Bellamy so I figured I wouldn't even bother. I'm into hard rock I guess, I don't really know the genre but I like a sort of heavy over-driven sound namely like the band switchfoot.
Ideally I'd like my guitar to have the same sort of sound as this song:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=sbLYYrytGqY (If link doesn't work search for "Politicians Switchfoot")
Pay special attention to the main guitar riff as that's a great sound that I'd love! I also love reverb and scratching and getting that sort of harmonic sound off the scratch. Go to 1:24-1:33 of that song so you can understand what you talk about (Like I said i'm crap when it comes to guitar terminology etc. xD)

I've seen people suggest Orange amps for Switchfoot but I would like an opinion after you guys have listened to that song and keep in mind that reverby sound.

Finally, I also actively play at a church, so I can't have an amp that only sounds good with distortion/metal sound, I do a lot of strumming of just clean chords and what I've found is that strumming on clean electric doesn't often sound that great (ye obvious I know) but I need to be able to sound reasonably good clean, so no plain thrash metal amps or whatevs xD.

Price range wise $1000-$1300 would be great $1500 max, although I'm Australian so that doesn't help you that much but if you do USD I can figure it out.

Now as for pedals I currently have a Boss-OD3 and it's pretty good and I'm fairly happy with it but it's not that heavy it's actually rather clean so maybe I should go with distortion, i'm not sure, as previously said I'd like the sort of sound in that song I linked. Price range for pedals $100-$300 is good xD

But yeah suggest away and sorry for my noobiness on this topic. If you need more info just let me know and I'll add it!

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This isnt really gear help but i find that when doing straight up strummin clean chords on my Les Paul using all of the pick ups makes it alot less harsh and more mellow, and try taking alot of the treble out of the mix.
Ye i've been doing that, also found lowering my tone helps a bit as well, thanks.
As loud as a piece of string? I don't know, think a band involving a drummer, bassist, keys, 2 singers, maybe another guitar and a group of about 100 people singing. Now I don't want to be the only one anyone can hear but I need to be heard and mix well as well if that's possible. But that whole loudness and clean chord strumming probably aint so important, I can figure that out when I get to it.

Oh another note, the church has a sound system that goes through the 'house' my current amp doesn't allow me to use an effects pedal and plug into a DI box and go through the house at the same time so I've just been micing up my amp which is LAME! So support for that would be fantastic. I think that just means another line out channel.
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Not sure. Whichever one would suit my needs xD

Check out some JCM800's if you can get a hold of them over there. They are supposed to be really good Marshalls.
For great distortion as well as phenomenal clean. Look at the Carvin Legacy or the new Carvin x100b amps.
Look around your local used markets, pawn shops, ebay. Look for Traynors, they are voiced like Marshalls and can get you some nice tones. Umm...also keep your Boss OD, while it may not be the greatest, I know that it is one of the better boss pedals and you can use it as a boost. Check out Laneys as well...

Idk, I'm at a loss for ideas right now. Sorry man. If i think of more I'll come back.
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I woulds agree with that Traynor suggestion. The YCV50 BLUE has a very British overdrive which is the type of sound you want because the type of rock you like has a British sound to it. It also has a usable clean sound and reverb. Keep your OD-3 pedal for light overdrive. As far as pedals, you might look into a Boss DD-7 or MXR Carbon Copy for delay. I think some echoey effects would suit your style.
For an amp, i heard that Orange is really good (ima noob when i comes to amps) but for pedals from personal experiance i do like the new Vox Satchurator. Thats IMO. I dunno what other people think of it.
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Check out some JCM800's if you can get a hold of them over there. They are supposed to be really good Marshalls.

Can Vouch for this, went into my room and nailed that tone in 10 seconds flat through my jcm800
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