will a noise suppressor pedal cut the noise from my amp/guitar or is it mainly to cut the noise generated from other pedals i am using
the only chance you will have of cutting any amp noise is if you have it in an fx loop
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In that case he wants a iSP Decimator G-String, it sits in your input signal after all your pedals and also plugs into the effects loop at the same time. It requires a few leads and is quite pricey but is well worth it i hear, silences amp noise and noise generated from having lots of pedals. Other, cheaper options are the standard iSP decimator, MXR Smart Gate, Boss NS-2, and also the EHX Humdebugger (sp?) pedals
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i hear so many good things about the decimator G-String, but the BOSS NS-2 works just fine in my experience and is a LOT less expensive. and it has a separate fx loop on it as well
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Watch out, though, noise gates can color the tone A LOT.

ISP Technologies colour a negligible amount.

You want a ISP G-String.
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thinking of buying the ns-2, how do i use the effects loop on my amp, whats it for?