right, current situation, ive got 240 pound at this moment and my birthday is in February and i'll probably get around 200 pounds then.

Im currently after:
Guitar - Ibanez SAS32ex - 350 pounds
Amp - Line 6 spider Jam - 260 pounds

I need to know whether i should buy the amp or the guitar first, atm ive got a cheap 15watt amp with a Boss HM-2 effects pedal and a guitar my dads had for 21 years ( a westone thunder 2)

Ive played on the guitar im wanting out through that amp and i was blown away, need help

an ok guitar through a good amp sounds better than a good guitar through an ok amp

so get a new amp first, but the spiders definately dont seem like the way to go from what I've heard. I've never played one myself, but they're apparantly pretty bad.
I'd spend all of the £440 on an amp, you can get a pretty decent tube combo for that, amps account for about 80% of your tone so I'd get that out the way first.
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no to spider, get blackstar ht5

i dont care about the whole "everyone hates spiders" thing, but the blackstar sounds amazing for the price
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Get the guitar that will improve your technique and playing. Tone can be fixed with money any time.
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