I'm buying an Ibanez RG321 next wednesday or thursday. Any suggestions for the pick-ups I should put in it? I've played the guitar through an orange stack at the guitar store (because using the guitar through a sick amp will make it sound good even if its **** and convince me to buy it I bet...) but I think it sounds good, I tried a couple other guitars by Ibanez and schecter, but for the price, I just can't go wrong.

BUT! I want to put some really screamin ****ers in the guitar, I'm thinking something like EMG 81/85 (I know, everyone uses em) or is there something better? I play skate punk, metal, rock, and Pink floyd.

Thanks in advance UG
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being an owner of 81/85, i would suggest some more versatile pickups than EMGs that can play all of those genres you enjoy to play.
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I would say...

1 - Wait until you actually own the guitar, and can get to know it. This way you can really be sure of how you want to tweak the tone.

2 - Wait until you get a better amp. New pickups now won't do much for you. The 150-200 bucks you'd spend on new pickups can go a long way towards getting a new amp.

Pickups don't make as big a difference as you think. They're for tweaking your tone. Ultimately, you amp plays the biggest factor as to whether or not your guitar sounds good for punk or metal.