I have a Gibson SG Standard, and my tuning pegs fell off for the two lowest strings. Is there a way to fix this myself?

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Yes, sorry.

On the back side of the head of my guitar, the part fell off so I can see the gear where a casing for the peg fell off as well. I am not sure if that is specifically a machine head.
It's really hard to see what actaully keeps those on.

If you can't click them back on, what i would do is get some superglue, (make sure it's not like super industrial strength, just incase you ever need to take it back off). Dab the little slot(s) on part that is on the neck (the rectangle bit and, i think the two circle slots) and then place and hold the casing on for about 5 minutes and making sure it doesnt move, that should do for a quick fix.
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Hot glue didn't work.
I tried that but, when I turned the knobs up to its proper tuning (I use standard E for that guitar) it just snapped right back off.

Would super-glue be any better?
How do you put them on? That might help me just getting my old ones back. lol
I am pretty cheap, which is why I'm posting on here instead of just taking it into a shop.
You need new tuners, same thing happened to me, glue wouldn't hold for me either.
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Remove the strings from the 2 that fell off. Remove the nut on the front and 2 screws in the back. Then you can examine them and see if you can fix them. If you can't fix them and are intrested in mine send me a PM and we'll work out a deal.

Here's a link to a pic if you want to see them. It's a big pic.
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I'll take it into the shop and see what the guy thinks. As for the tuners, those are in pretty good condition, but what's on the back of the pegs?
I labeled them so I would know what string they were used for originally (E,A,D,G,B,e). One says Grover Deluxe and the rest say Gibson Deluxe. I don't know why but you could use one of yours that says Gibson so the set would match. They came off my '07 V.
if you clean em up super glue should work and be close to as strong as to what it was...