dont gak sell them?
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I heard that mesa dont sell to the uk, except people import them in and charge a fortune. So do you guys know the cheapest place to bag a boogie?

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It'd be cheaper to buy a different amp, there are plenty to pick from. Mesas really aren't good value at all over here, however you go about getting one.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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eBay or second hand, my DC-5 was cheap as anything off ebay because not a lot of people tend to seek them out in the UK.
practically every major band arround my way use the dual and triple rectifiers, think its just a statement of bling, not worth the price. nice amps but the asking prices in the uk are silly, best looking seccond hand
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Best price i found one one, and it was bought in the last couple of months. Came within 3 days say i think id call it legit enough
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You can get a H&K Zentera and a Cornford MK50H for the same price as a Roadking.
I.E. Don't bother.
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When the Mark V gets released its probably gonna cost 2K. Any other amps that can compete with the Mark V for cheaper?

$1999 /=/ £1999

Gunna be at least £2k in the UK.
You could probably get an amp builder to build you a copy of a Mesa with that much money.
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You can get a H&K Zentera and a Cornford MK50H for the same price as a Roadking.
I.E. Don't bother.



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