I'm seriously considering buying myself a 7 string acoustic for my 21st present. I have been learning to fingerpick for the last few months and I'm getting a lot better so I figured a 7 string would be cool to have an extra string for bass notes and runs... I'm no Tommy Emmanuel but I enjoy playing fingerpicked blues stuff in standard tunings and kinda folky soft rock stuff like Counting Crows style quiet songs with fingerpicking.

Has anyone ever played a 7 string for acoustic? I assume I'll be able to strum it like a regular 6 string aswell by either finding different chord shapes/voicings to add the 7th string, or just muting it with my thumb and playing from the 6th string down.. Is that right?

Also how available are string sets for an acoustic 7? I use Elixer 12s on my 6 string and hate every other brand I've tried compared to them. Will I be able to find good strings for it and will they cost me an arm and leg every time they need changing?

I assume acoustic 7s are built for jazz like the 7string archtops but I think I could find interesting uses for one with a bit of practice.

Any other general comments about 7 strings would be useful. I'll be diving in at the deep end if I do decide to get one, probably having it luthier made so I'd like to be sure I'm making the right decision before I go ahead with it.

My local store has an Ibanez Artwood AJ307ECE 7-String Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It looks very much like a Taylor and sound excellent. It retails for around 750 USD I think but here it's only around 500 USD.

Of course, when I first picked it up, I tried to see how to make normal 6-string chords sound while just muting the top string. However, I found out that (especially with barre chords) didn't work so well. I would think the few who do use 7-string acoustics are mainly fingerstyle players, and I've seen certain Russian music use it as well. But I play mostly percussive fingerstyle and use a lot of bass techniques like slapping and popping when I play acoustic, so I figured a 7 string could really work for me.

I figured like you did, that I would be able to chase down new cool lows with that B string, and because of the price and quality, I was extremely tempted to buy it. However, 7 string sets for acoustic are virtually impossible to find where I live, and that coupled with my fear that I will have too much trouble figuring out how to transcribe all the 6 string songs to a 7, I won't be buying it. Also, the model that I've seen was not electro-acoustic. But if I can find a place to buy 7 string sets and a good soundhole pickup (I desire the Fishman Rare Earth Combo), I will certainly consider purchasing it.

If you can afford it, and you have other guitars, then I would say buy it. Most 7 string acoustics are discontinued to my knowledge, but the ones out there are usually made with top quality materials. If you already are an intermediate player, I'm pretty sure you could find interesting uses for it. I know I would.
Weird. I go through phases of thinking about 7-string acoustics. I haven't thought about it in a while until somebody mentions it in a post today, and then 10 minutes after I respond there's a topic called "7-string Acoustics?". Crazy stuff.

Anyway... I've looked, and there doesn't seem to be much out there. None of my local shops have any. I wouldn't want to order one from an obscure location because I'm not too sure if my crazy ideas are worth it. If I had a couple of hours with one I could probably find out, hence the need for one at a local store.

When I say "crazy ideas", I mean I'm thinking of the tuning ADADF#AD. You see I'm always torn between open-G and open-D on my acoustic. If you think about it, the intervals are the same other than open-D having an extra root on the top and open-G having an extra 5th on the bottom, so with a 7 string you can get the best of both worlds.

I've heard the Russian guitars have 7 strings. Can you get them in the UK, and would they support that kind of tuning do you think?
Thanks for the replies guys.. Been youtubing stuff and I can only find Jazz or Russian classical played on 7 strings, pretty sure the russian ones are nylon strung though. It does seem cool but I'm really nowhere near the standards of any of those guys they way they switch chords and stuff 1 finger at a time walking around the fretboard.

I found like a proggy folk band (English/irish folk style but not traditional) who own a 7 string acoustic flattop but I dunno what they use it for, their music is cool but I dunno which songs the 7 string is on.

If I get one I'll be having it custom made which is kinda puting me off a tiny bit.. On one hand I think that if I'm gonna get some custom made I may aswell be a bit different and make it unique but then I think well if I don't end up liking it I could've got a custom 6 string or srchtop or something that I would've got lots of use from instead. I dunno.

This guy made a cool one and he's only just up the road from me http://www.darkmatterguitars.com/showcase/ I also like his baritone acoustic. He said there are no 7 string acoustic sets you just buy a regular set and then buy like .56 or.58 bass strings seperately for the low B.
Quote by TheDev01dOne
He said there are no 7 string acoustic sets you just buy a regular set and then buy like .56 or.58 bass strings seperately for the low B.

That sucks. I am not going to buy a whole extra pair of string just to use one of them. I'm a poor student. But it's look like Dean Markley has 7 string sets for acoustic, maybe I'm wrong. If I am wrong, 7-string is out for me.