I find Session Drummer in Sonar a huge pain in the A$$.

A) It's very hard to find beats to the music I write. I'm not terrible good with figuring out my time signature, and that likely doesn't help, but I'll have multiple signatures in most songs anyway.

B) When you do find beats, I find when I start trying to customize fills or doing thing to change the defaults, strang things start to happen.... entire drum tracks go missing etc.

Any suggestions on a VST plug ... or something else I can use in Sonar to accomplish good beats. Beat and signature detection would be VERY helpul.

Thanks in advance to anyone that's got the miracle product I'm looking for.
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you could always just go looking for loops to put in.
^ this should get you started.
Google will prolly reveal some other sites for you.

You could use a program to write your own beats. There is a sticky at the top of the recording forum that will give you some places to look. Beatcraft works pretty well from my experience.

I'm sure there are better ways to go about this, but its all I've got.