got Digitech DDM (death metal) and its awesome

anyone else has one?

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i have a digitech metal master, it sucks hard. I plan on blowing it up, along with my ds-1.
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lol ts, that sucks....

as long as you like it though
this is a post. there are many like it but this one is mine


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I bought the DF-7 when it was brand new and the same price as the metal master (it has the metalmaster in it, why would anyone have bought the metal master???)

It just started to sound way to digital and processed...lots of variety, but as soon as you used the mid freq scoop on it, it sounded like a shortwave radio's whitenoise. I sold it for about $40 at my local used gear store since they sell for like $60-$80 used.

currently my new favourite distortion is the landmine. so simple, yet for once when you tweak the EQ you can "feel" the difference...I don't know any other way to describe it, but adding bass just sounds awesome, give one a try if you can.
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Tried it at a friends house. Not too fond of it
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