Summer is for four days to remove all the strings of my electric guitar, and there on the Internet i read that the guitar losing its tension, then I can do to put new strings without hurting the Mast¿?

excuse my english i'm from spain
You shouldn't leave your guitar without strings for too long. Put the new strings on and you should be fine. You may need to have it set back up if worse comes to worse.

Usted no debe salir de su guitarra sin cuerdas durante demasiado tiempo. Ponga el nuevo en las cadenas y usted debería estar bien. Es posible que tenga que tener una copia de seguridad se puso peor cuando viene a peor.
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What does that even say? Just type it in spanish and the brave among us will attempt to translate it.
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it seems like you are asking if you can take off all the strings at once and have the guitar be ok. the answer is yes. in fact, with most guitars you can leave the strings off for a long time and the neck will still be ok. taking all the strings off and putting new ones on later is ok.
Never leave your guitar for a long period without strings, it could damage your guitarneck permanently!!!
at least, that's what I've heard.


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your fine, not having strings on a neck is not bad for the neck
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i thought it fu**s it?
and the translation is
(You do not have to leave his guitar without cords during too much time. He puts the new one in the chains and you would have to be well. It is possible that he must have a backup put itself worse when comes to worse.)