Hey fellow UGers, i seem to occassionally have trouble with my tuner pedal picking up notes, i was wondering if this is due to positioning in my rig. Can anyone suggest the best place to put a tuner pedal in a rig. It is a fender PT-10 tuner. The rest of my rig consists of a hot head, chorus, preamp booster and a cry baby.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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I was stumbling the other day and found a really great site on tuning...can't remember the address, but here's some tips to get a good tune:

Go to your neck pickups and turn your tone know all the way down. Cut your treble as much as possible.

Tune down below your desired note, pull the string, and then tune up. This will make sure that the string is sitting right in the peg.

When playing the note, play directly over the twelfth fret so that you get a balanced wave moving through the string, and try to use a low attack. The attack portion of a note is usually a little sharp, so minimize that.
thanks people, especially VisionaryTics... they will be very useful tips for me
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actually...just to check, would i place it between the guitar and amp? or first in the effetcs loop?
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Okay, your signal is coming out of your guitar. You want it to be the first pedal coming out of your guitar. Fx loop is after pre-amp and already has all your pedals and EQ and stuff, so you want to avoid that.
okay thanks alot dude
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flea in school? oh my....