Maybe somebody could help me here.I now have a Peavey bandit 112.I need to upgrade too an amp head and cabinet.I'm going too need a versitile amp head and cabinet that go great together.I play classic rock like Led Zepplin,Blues,Hard Rock like Guns and Roses,Metal like Metallica.I also write my own stuff so it would be good to find my own tone.My budget is between 0 and $2000.Does anybody have and suggestions?Thanks!
That is quite a budget range. That will also get you one hell of an upgrade. Does it have to be a new amp? Why do you need a halfstack? Where do you live in the world roughly? Metallica as in thrash metal is the heaviest? No modern metal? What kind of blues? What guitar/pups?

My vote is a used 5153 III or some sort of Splawn. Maybe a Laney or Orange. No hands on experience with the latter 2.

help us narrow some things down.
I'm in the US.I don't really need a half stack,I just always wanted one.That way if my band ever gets big I'll have what I need already.I do do some modern medal too like Trivium.For blues I like to play Stevie Ray and Muddy WatersI'll check out those amps you offered at.Thankyou!
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Cool. I love craigslist for stuff like you might be interested in but you have to be careful. Trivium to Muddy Waters is kind of a push. Seriously look at the 5153 by EVH and the Randall MTS series. There are some others. Splawn's got the Marshall thing down.

You could look into two amps like a JCM800 and a Fender Deluxe or Twin maybe. I asked about the halfstack because people either buy them because they are hitting the road or they simply want to look cool. It's a personal preference thing.

Someone will swoop in here and give you some killer advice. If not ask up in the What Amp thread.
I checked out the Laney on your suggestion the Laney VH100R seems perfect.It really gets good reviews for it being versitle on harmony-central.Its not as high priced as some of the others also.I'll just have to figure out what kind of cab to get for it.I really appreciate your suggestions.I've never even thought of Laney
EVH 5150 III
Soldano SLO-100 (used, they're ungodly expensive new)
Hughes and Kettner Triamp MK II (used, again)
Mesa Mark IV or V (both used, the V is $2000 new and the IV is discontinued)
Budda Superdrive
Splawn Nitro (possibly used)
Splawn Super Stock (possibly used)
Mesa Stiletto

As for cabinets, look into Lopoline, Vader or Avatar, from most to least expensive.
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