Hello. I have a Gibson Firebird V and I want to play Drop C an Drop B tunning.

If anyone knows what strings did Greg Tribbett from Mudvayne use on LD.50 it will help me. I know they are DR Strings but I don't know the exact model. Otherwise you can tell me some other strings good for that tunning.

agreed .11s and .12s will work nicely

you probably will also need to have a fairly heafty C string for this tuning to spare it flopping around whilst you play. I use .58s-.6s for these tunings personally. Though the .6s worked a lot better and spared my tuning.

Could be different on a non-floyd-rose guitar though.
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.10s can get Drop C quite easily. Drop B on the other hand would probably require at least .11s.

I have .10s on my Edwards and .12s on my Jackson, both work good.
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I use DR Hi-Beam 12s...they're great b/c DR 12s have wound g-strings so they stay in tune much better.