Nothing really too fancy, as far as recording goes...Some might even say it was horrible method of recording, hahaha.
We used one mic in the middle of the room for all the instruments. So yes, all the instruments are on one mono track.
Vocals were done on a separate track on a different session.

We just needed some demos up quick, so we could get started on gigging.

Tell me what you guys think!

The demos are here:
and in my sig.
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I'm listening to your track 'Wake Up' as I type this critique. Starts off with a cool guitar riff. The drums and the guitar and interacting well, both in time with each other. The vocals came in a bit harsh for me. The solo at :47 has a very rock and roll feel to it. The second solo sounds a little off kilter at 1:56. I like your singer more when he goes clean. This is a neat track, but the vocals don't really do it for me, maybe I'm just not used to this particular style. Anyway, can you check out my track ?

Cool, thanks for the crit. Check out some of my other tracks, we've got a varied sound. If you like his clean vocals, "Rush" might be more up your alley, or "Sticks & Skins".
I agree, the vocals are a bit harsh. We recorded them using an Sennheiser e835. We used an SM57 for some of the other vocals, and I think that harsh top end is rounded off a bit more.
Listening to "Rush" now, really cool blues-rock intro. I have to say that your vocalist does sound a lot better with this style of singing. The chanting was also pretty catchy. Cool tune.
Listening to Wake Up. Sounds like he's trying way to much to be like Axl Rose. This whole thing sounds like your trying to be GnR. Tell the drummer to get some new fills cuz they all sound the same. Cool song though i guess. For what I think you want, it sounds good. It's just that I hate metal and especially 80s metal so I'm going to be pretty harsh.


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Sound like GnR? We don't really play like them at all (Can't speak for vocals). The only reason we play their version of Mama Kin (if you noticed that in the mp3 notes) is because Aerosmith has a stupid sounding solo in the beginning of there's, and a horn solo in the middle. Otherwise, the GnR and Aerosmith ones are the same..

As for my drummer? Really? A lot of his beats are very different from drummers in the local scene, or just music in general. "Wake Up" isn't that good an example of fills, I suppose. There aren't actually a lot of them in there.

Check out some of our other songs, they sound different than "Wake Up".
I didnt even know that they played mama kin. From the GnR that I've listened to, it sounds very similar.
80's Fender Jazzmaster
1976 Gibson L6s
Epiphone sheraton
Late 60's Univox High Flyer Custom Deluxe
Vintage fendr twin
Fuzz Face
Zakk Wylde Wah
Wake Up:
Liking the guitar work, reminds me of Kiss/young Aerosmith. To be honest not really feeling the singer. Just trying too hard or unatural, like its really put on. If he could "tame" he's voice so to speak it would be very good.

The music is very tight over all, nice solo work and over-all definally would listen to it not a bother.

Stay With Me Tonight:
Liking the intro, very open a nice start to the song. Liking the verse, very ac/dc Vocals are much better in this. The chorus really sticks in with the song! I must say your drummer is pretty good. Seems tight which important. solo fits pretty well, could use a little fine sanding
Good song over-all, one of my fav. outta the three. Only thing I could say is just the singers pitch during the verses. Goes off now and again. Other than that good work

A nice upbeat rock song Once again vocals much better in this compared to the first one! A well writen song. Reminds me of Davey Havoc when he screams Good guitar work again, some nice fills thrown in! Solo seems well played from what I can hear, over-all a sweet song. The chorus definally reminds me of AFI back in the start!

Over - all the demo musicly is really tight and well wrote, all you do to do now is work on the vocals a little and record a nice studio demo!




You choose
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