hey, the title says it all pretty much - but I've got no experience using these things - is there any hints and tips or input yous lot could give to me?

I was thinking of testing it on a 2p coin, mibbie try and make a metal pick cos my brother likes them but they're really hard to find - is this possible with the little cutting disk it comes with?
haha, yeah I had a feeling it would be - it looks like a stubby electric toothbrush.

do you have a real dremel for comparison?
Yeah, 2 of 'em. One's a Dremmel and another is a homebrew thing my dad made.

You wouldn't need a real one for comparison anyway. It's pretty bad. How much did you pay for it? I got mine from a guy who let me have it for letting him borrow my old wah for a couple days.
Yeah those are crap. I had one that couldn't cut through a pickguard when I was working on my frankenstrat. I have a dremel now...huge improvement. They go for $50 USD for the whole kit...all the attachments and everything. Well worth the dough.