Well i listen to pretty much any type of music but im sitting here and im drwing a blank on what bands are good and songs i should buy. So i listen to anything from pop top 20 music to indie rock to rap, Some of my favouraits of all genres are.

Led Zep
Theory of a dead man
Modest Mouse
Death From Above 1979
The Game
Wu Tang Clan
I Set My Friends On Fire
Jimi Hendrix
Kanye West

So please suggest me some new music to add to my collection.
dream theater....or my lilwayne/TI mashup in my profile.
but in all seriousness..dream theater.

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gym class heroes, jedi mind trix, jurassic 5, busdriver

guns n roses, motley crue, metallica

him, kill hannah, 69 eyes

green day, the clash, sex pistols, ramones, misfits

the red hot chili peppers
if u like rap check out sage francis and atmosphere
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megadeth/dream theater/pantera/death/exodus/kreator/white chapel/opeth/black dahlia murder/iron maiden/and nsync
Anybody who has Led Zep and Aerosmith on their list of favorites should check out Deep Purple and the Stones, IMO.

EDIT: PS: Do you like prog rock/metal? If so, you might like bands like Rush, Dream Theater, and Queensryche.
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If you like Led Zep and Hendrix you should check out White Stripes . I think it's the best modern band. And don't forget about Audioslave.