I'm finally ready to share my completed version of a "metal" Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gThdNNMlkqw

MP3 download: http://mark.hayden31.com/music/01%20-%20Devil%20Went%20Down%20To%20Georgia.mp3

Tracked the drum and bass in FL Studio, all lead parts were done on the electric violin, vocals done by my roommate.

Let me know what you think!
you played it well but the violin was too loud for the music. I also like the sound of that song better on acoustic fiddle
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Quote by shredmeiser101
you played it well but the violin was too loud for the music. I also like the sound of that song better on acoustic fiddle

I realize that. It's really hard to balance the sound coming from my speakers and the sound coming from the cab. The mp3 has a far better quality recording (obviously)

kick ass violining.
Seriously, i'm really impressed.
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Its not to often people on here impress me with their music. The recording is a bit sketchy and the vocals are semi-corny, but your playingis very awsome. I listen to plenty of folk metal with violins and such, but never heard something like this. Hell, I downloaded the mp3 cause it is just sick. The main riff is way to awsome too. I never heard a wah on a violin either.
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the vocals are a bit weird and the track is okay, but your violin playing is so amazing, im very impressed.
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You should definitely join a folk or viking metal band. Reminded me tons of Korpiklaani, especially the intro and vocals.

I'd love to - unfortunetly, no one around me right now plays an instrument. Hoping to get one going over the summer though.

Thanks for the feedback guys! If I still had access to a camera, I'd reshoot with a louder backing track, but unfortunetly its gunna be a while.
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Awesome cover, love electric violin Although, we can hardly hear the backing track I thought the vocals were a bit weird too.

Anyways, awesome playing, really good cover 5*

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Thanks man. I'm going to have to figure out a different way to record so that I can mix backing track levels better. Need a mic...

Sorry for the late response, was gone all weekend. Gave you some feedback