hey guys, ive been playing my 5-6 year old Ibanez RG and recently (in the last 2-3 weeks) the amplified sound has been really weird. I tried my amp setup with my acoustic-electric so i know the amp's fine....

When i play extra gently, everything sounds good, but when i play anything but the lightest single notes, the note crackles and fluctuates in volume....

I opened the two panels in the back as well as took off the plate where the 1/4" cord connects and everything seems in place, anyone have any ideas? Ive been saving up for a Les Paul classic, but its taking a while on a college budget, and I cant really play the acoustic over my friends drums....

Thanks in advance,
I checked all the cords/pedels/amp with my acoustic electric, and that had no problem at any volume or effect level... its a spider II amp (sucks, i know) but that cant be the problem by process of elimination....
Try your setup with different guitars
ditto with different cables
ditto with different amp.

i tihnk itll be a cable problem.
If you find it's not cables... generally the first culprit... and you get it narrowed down to something withing the guitar itself, it will likely be one or more of three things.

1 bad/loose connection on one of the wires.
2. A bad switch
3. Dirty/bad Volume or Tone pots.

You can get cleaner for Pots from any electronic store. I find once they start getting dirty like that, they dirty up more and more frequently, but the cleaner is worth a try.

An OHM meter can be handy testing this stuff as well. basically stated... put and OHM meter at two ends of a wire and you should see Zero resistance. If you see the infinitiy sign, or a large numeric reading there is a problem with the wire. On switches, you should see Zero or Infinity depending on if the switch is on or off. Pots will give a variable rating ..... but if you see infinity in anything but the off position... .or the needle is bouncing a lot you've got a problem there. It's not bullet proof, but helps in narrowing down problems inside the guitar itself.
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