So this thread is just a little fun and should hopefully cunger up some interesting debates so...

Who do u think are an overrated band/artist?

Who do u think are an underrated band/artist?

What is your opinion of the previous post made?

If you answer these questions in each post, then everything will be just fine

ill get the ball rolling

Overrated Artist: Nickelback

Underrated: Breaking Benjamin

Im pretty sure this has been done...

Overrated: Slipknot

Underrated: Oceana

The previous post is utter crap, because only my opinion matters
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Metallica and Kirk hammett WAY overrated.
The Refreshments and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers WAY underrated.
My opinion of your post is U gonna get raped- I agree with you on Nickleback, have nothing to say about BB.
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Yes it has been done.
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I think Joe Satriani is overrated. While one cannot deny his technical ability, I've never heard a song of his that I appreciated for anything more than the technical ability. Then again, I'm not much of a fan of virtuoso artists.
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i think an underrated guitarist is Dave Baksh (probably spelled his last name wrong) the ex lead guitarist of Sum41. just listen to "bitter end" off of chuck if you dont believe me. that song is only a taste of what he can do.
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Im pretty sure this has been done...

Overrated: Slipknot

Underrated: Oceana

Good stuff!
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