Was looking at getting Fuzz pedal next but stumbled accross one of the VOX 847 WAH pedals for $45. Couldn't pass it up. Pick it up tomorrow.
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Thanks for sharing?

Sorry. Got a little over excited yesterday.

has anyone done the Keeley Mods to this? I want to get the bypass, d/c connector, and the led done.
Grats on your new purchase mate
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I have a V847 wah and have modded it with a DPDT for true bypass and of course a DC connector. Takes an hour max with all the parts in front of you.

As for the LED, personally I prefer the looks without, shiney diodes can look an 'ikkle tacky...

If you need any help just give me a shout.

- Rich
Looks like Keeley burnt down. Will be a couple of months before they are up and running again, so there goes that plan. And you a probably right about the LED, just uneccessary.
most mods the the v847 are very simple and you can probably do them yourself. i modded mine for true bypass and to have an output buffer and it didnt cost me much at all. dc connector shouldnt take much effort either. look up the wah customizing thread in GB&C and have a read. lots of good info in there that can help you if you decide to do it yourself.

or since you are in VA, if you are near blacksburg ill order the parts and do it for you for a small fee. i would just do it yourself though. its a simple circuit and its a good learning experience.
Thanks guys. Got it home last night. It is missing one of the rubber feet and the other three are in pretty bad shape. No big deal as I am attempting to build a board right now so it will be velcroed down. Cleaned up the outside real good. Looks good and worked well,(as well as i can make it work, this is my first wah).

Is there anything I should do "maintenance" wise since I bought it used? Cleaning connectors or anything?

I have a guy at work who will do the mods for me if I get the stuff, where should I look to buy? Radio Shack? or some place like that?

thanks again.